Friday, August 21, 2009

A Ramp to Freedom!

When steps just aren't good enough.

Some people believe that the world was created in seven days. To be honest, I've always believed that claim to be more metaphorical than literal, but a recent experience has convinced me that miraculous things can indeed happen in such a short period of time. In my case, a new world was not created, but rather was opened up to me, and it only took three days instead of seven. Let me tell you all about it, in pictures as well as words.

Day 1 - 9:00 am: Here you can see me standing at the top of our old steps which lead up into the sun room at the rear entrance to our house. Clearly they have seen better days. In fact, an occupational therapist recently described them as "hazardous." She was not exaggerating. The steps were cracked, the rails were shaky, and even termites seemed to shy away from them. Clearly, they had to go before they killed someone.

That someone would be me.

Day 1 - 5:00 pm: By the end of the first day, the old steps had been dragged away (and I'm told they now rest upon a nice pile of old lumber scraps somewhere, waiting to be burned - this thought makes me strangely happy) and the framework of the ramp was already in place. As you can see, new steps now lead up to a sturdy platform where the old steps once stood. Construction was delayed a bit while suitable lumber was located and brought to the site. Only the best will do when Accessible Renovations does a job, and it took more than one stop before enough lumber could be found. Thanks guys. I appreciate the extra effort.

The new steps are wider, and lower in height. If need be, I can use these steps while the rest of the ramp is under construction. Elapsed time, about 6 hours including lunch and rest breaks. I am more than a little impressed. Oh, did I mention this? The "work crew" is comprised of exactly one man. Let me introduce you...

The Crew: Here he is folks. His name is Rick and he works for Accessible Renovations, the contractor placed in charge of this job by The Ability Center of Toledo, and of course approved by me before construction began. Rick doesn't exactly strike you as a superman, until you've seen him hoist a stack of twelve-foot 4x4's onto his shoulder and carry them from the truck and around the house to the work site all by himself. It was like watching a magician perform a magic trick... you wanted to ask him how he did it, but on the other hand, you just didn't want to spoil the sense of wonder. It's all I could do to keep myself from pulling up a chair to watch.

Day 2 - noon. The framework is really coming together now. The railings are up, as is the flooring of the ramp from the doorway to the first platform, where I'm standing. Not sure what I was pointing at when the first photo was taken, but I'm sure it must have been interesting. LOL!

Not much left to do now, it seems, except finish the flooring and rails on the second ramp segment which will "switch back" from here toward the house... or more precisely, the concrete patio area, and the side entrance to the garage. The slope is so gentle (30 degree angle if I remember correctly) that walking up and down takes almost no effort at all. My ramp is nearly finished now, I'm told. I find myself growing excited.

Day 3 - 4:00 pm. Today the last flooring section was finished, and the entire ramp structure was spot checked, sanded, and then checked again. I'm no carpenter, but I'm willing to bet that this ramp may well outlive the house. The site was then cleaned up perfectly, and I was invited to inspect the finished project. I walked the full length of the ramp for the first time, and smiled. I can't wait to run this baby in the wheelchair (still on order as I write this) and I am certain it will be a perfect fit.

Prologue: I felt an odd sense of freedom as I walked this ramp for the first time. Before now, I'd considered the old steps a nuisance. But if I'm to be honest, they were much more than that. Of late, I've been (subconsciously perhaps) avoiding having to leave the house. As I age, and my disability progresses, climbing steps is no longer such an "easy" task. Some days, when I'd come home especially tired, I required the help of my sweet wife (hi Lydia!) to make it up the last step. Clearly, I was losing my freedom. Now I have regained a measure of that, thanks to Rick, and Matt Lee of Accessible Renovations, and Mary Kowalik of The Ability Center of Toledo, and of course others known (and unknown) to me. Thank you all, for returning to me my freedom. If I can ever return the favor, you know where I live. Feel free to use the ramp. :)


  1. YAY!!!!!!

    I am So happy for you!!!!!!!

    Oscar sends his love, and joy for you too!

  2. Thanks Diana! Thanks Oscar!

    I hope you are both doing well, and that we can meet someplace and catch up soon. It's been too long. :)