Tuesday, December 22, 2009

So Where You Been?

After a nearly perfect record of weekly blog posts running since January of this year, I suddenly dropped off the face of the earth... or so it would seem. While the "alien abduction" story has more "thrill factor" I really can't run with that, as much as I might like. However, if I ever am abducted by visitors from some far distant world, I promise to faithfully report on how ADA compliant they were. After all, that's what I do.

So where have I been all this time? For one (and this is big) I've been performing a juggling act of sorts between BVR and Lourdes College -- I start in Spring 2010 - less than a month from now. Most of the hard work is done. I finally have my new wheelchair. I have a new ramp. I have an account with TARTA for transportation. I'm registered for classes. All that's left (as far as I know) is tuition and book procurement.

Plenty to do on that front, with each organization having their own sets of procedures, and me in the middle, trying to tie the loose ends together. Still, I'm close, and I'm looking forward to returning to school and meeting the new people, and challenges, I will find there. Lourdes is a great college, and I can't remember the last time I met such friendly and helpful staff.

As a side note to that, I originally planned to include updates on my adventures and lessons learned while at Lourdes in this blog, but decided against that in the end. Ultimately, the two topics really deserve their own stages, and so, beginning soon, I will be launching a new blog called "Lourdes on Wheels." Watch for it here

Another "distraction" has been the Buckeye Barrier Buster website, which underwent some changes over the past few months. One big change was that I decided to fold my other project, the Toledo Access Guide, into the BBB.org website. You can learn more about that by visiting the website, and while there, please sign up for a free membership. From now on, all important updates and announcements concerning our advocacy organization will be posted there. This blog will go back to it's roots, with topics of interest to our disabled community.

So that's what I've been up to. How about you? I hope the snow and cold have not been posing a barrier to your intended lifestyle, and I hope your holiday, whichever you may celebrate, is special. I'll see you in 2010!

P.S. Beginning next week I will occasionally feature a guest blogger on relevant topics of interest locally, as well as globally. I hope you find the new expanded format informative and entertaining. Thank each of you for being a faithful reader as I bring my first year to a close. I wouldn't be here without you, even if I could. We're in this together, as it should be.

Happy Holidays!


  1. Good to see you back, Larry!
    I look forward to 2010.

  2. Thank you, Diana! I hope the holidays have been as good to you as they have been to us. Be thinking of you both as we enter the new year. :)