Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Learning to Ride

If you think someone with a developmental disability can't learn to ride a bike, think again.

Since 1999, Lose the Training Wheels Inc. has been teaching individuals with developmental disabilities how to ride two-wheel bikes - and with its special coaching and equipment, the success rate nationally has been an astonishing 70% -- far above what most would have expected more than a decade ago. Clearly, we need to look at the "hidden" abilities of the developmentally disabled with new eyes.

Locally, the Lucas County Board of MR/DD, Lucas County Special Olympics, Maumee Valley Civitan and Wersell's Bike and Ski Shop are sponsoring this year's week long "Lose the Training Wheels" camp from August 10-14 at the Tam-O-Shanter facility in Sylvania.

The program utilizes a stepping stone process. Each participant moves through a progression of bike types, beginning with an ultra stable training bike, and gradually progressing toward a conventional two-wheeler. Each biker attends one 75-minute session daily for five consecutive days.

Bike Camp last summer was a huge success, with 84% of the participants successfully learning to ride a two-wheel bike, placing NW Ohio above the national average. If you haven't yet tried something like this with your MR/DD son or daughter, I couldn't recommend it more. For registration information please call Tracey at 419-380-5175 -- but call soon as space is limited.

Ride on!


  1. Ohh!! What a wonderful feelign of freedom that must bring :-}
    The idea makes me glow all over that place :-}

  2. Thanks for commenting, Diana!

    I think it's a great program too. Can you imagine learning that you can do something that (at first glance) must seem so difficult?
    Gotta love it! :)